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Over 80,000 Dental Supply Products from Over 550 Dental Supply Manufacturers


Shop dental supplies from key dental supply manufacturers such as 3M Oral Care, Dentsply Sirona, Kerr Restoratives, HuFriedyIvoclar, GC America, Kulzer, Vatech America, Belmont Dental, Coltene, Premier Dental, and more. DHP also offers an extensive catalog of our own private label, DHP Brand Supplies.

DHP’s online dental supply store is easy to use. You will find great prices on commonly used items like nitrile gloves, facemasksteeth whitening, anesthetics, dental dams, hand sanitizer, scope mouthwash, face shields, disinfectant sprays, Caviwipes, ultrasonic cleaners, chlorhexidine gluconate, composites, latex gloves, Oral B toothbrushes, sharps containers, and more.

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