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Dental Handpiece Repair Center

dental handpiece repair

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

DHP's Handpiece Repair Center uses only the highest quality parts installed by experienced Repair Technicians.
In addition, we guarantee all materials and quality of repair for the life of the manufacturer's warranty. We will repair or replace any parts we installed during the life of the warranty, without charge.

Servicing Customers Nationwide

Send your sterilized handpieces in our pre-paid repair box. Upon receipt, we will conduct a thorough inspection and provide a prompt estimate for the repair cost. If you decide not to proceed with the repair, you only have to pay for return shipping.


  • Electric, High and Low Speed Handpieces
  • Ultrasonic Scalers
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Handpiece Maintenance Systems
  • Select Sterilizers
  • Select Furnaces

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