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Clinical tips: Pain management during hygiene procedures

Pain happens, especially when it involves exposed dentin and gingival inflammation. Here are some solutions for your patients you may have missed.

What is Dental Biofilm?

A whole new approach to removing dental plaque biofilm

Universal resin cements: In vitro studies as a predictor of their bonding potential

Universal resin cements may solve many current cementation issues. And with the aid of in vitro tests, it’s possible to predict their clinical performance.

6 Ways to Get More Out of Your Marketing Budget

Start planning your marketing strategy for 2024 and beyond. Here are six ways you can make more from every dollar you allocate to your marketing budget.

A Simple Tactic to Increase New Dental Patient Show Rates: A Personal Phone Call

Dental offices extoll an immense amount of effort and money trying to get new patients. Nothing is more disheartening than when a new patient schedules an appointment but does not show up. See how to change that.

9 Benefits of Cone Beam (CBCT) Dental Machines

X-rays are an important diagnostic tool for dentists, so it’s understandable that they’re used so often. There is a better way, however.

Dr. Amanda Seay: What Dental Cement Works Best for Ultra-Thin Veneers?

When it comes to choosing a veneer cement system, I look for a system that is as simple as possible to use

Kulzer’s iBOND® Universal All-Purpose Adhesive Stands the Test of Time

With more than 30 years' experience in the dental profession, Tree Mainella has seen her fair share of dental products come and go. This one stands the test of time.

dental mask
How to Dispose of Used Dental Masks: Finding a Better Way

Widespread use of single-use personal protective equipment (PPE) has created significant environmental challenges. See how Medicom is looking for solutions.

ParaPost: Saving Teeth for 60 Years...and Counting

One dentist shares why he’s used Coltene’s ParaPost System for over 3 decades to perform successful post and core buildups—saving countless teeth from extractions

Infection Prevention as a Functional System

Any cleaning protocol adopted by a dental practice needs a solid plan behind it to ensure every area in the operatory is consistently cleaned and disinfected after each patient. See the color-coded approach.

Dental Evacuation Line Maintenance Check List

Clean dental evacuation lines lead to more air flow from the dental vacuum allowing aerosols to be efficiently mitigated. Using a proper solution and engineering device is critical in creating a safer dental visit.