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10 Questions to Ask Your Team to Test Your Infection Control Standards

One area that seems to be challenging for dental practices, pre and post pandemic, is that of training new and existing employees on consistent infection control practices.

The Importance of Implementing Fluoride for Adults

The role of dental hygienists has changed dramatically since March of 2020. Due to mandated closures and the ongoing global pandemic, many patients experienced delays in their routine visits and are experiencing increased instances of grinding or clenching, have increased their intake of coffee, wine, and seltzer, and also have more bleeding on probing.

The Comprehensive Water Testing Guide

What is in your dental unit waterlines? You’ve probably seen the pictures and you’ve probably read the news headlines - looking for the answer to this question is not without stress.

Improving Practice Revenue with In-Office Teeth Whitening

Did you know the market revenue for professional teeth whitening (in-office) is expected to increase by over 28 percent by 2025?

medicom mask smiling girl
Why Who Made Your Mask Matters

When COVID-19 created an unprecedented demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), many countries were caught off guard. Without sufficient stockpiles of items such as masks, gowns and gloves, many frontline healthcare workers were forced to reuse disposable items or go without. As demand began to surpass available supply from reputable manufacturers, companies and individuals were eager to profit from the situation and began producing face masks. However, many had no medical device manufacturing experience and no knowledge of the regulatory requirements that are in place to keep healthcare professionals safe. Unfortunately, their masks did not provide adequate protection against virus transmission and some even contained potentially harmful materials* that put wearers’ health further at risk.

Tips for Buying Safe and Affordable Dental Supplies

With COVID-19 increasing demands on the supply chain, avoid the temptation to turn to unknown sources for cheap dental supplies. Using unfamiliar suppliers presents risks to healthcare providers- risks that distributors like DHP can help to reduce.

The Hygiene Perspective

When it comes to fluoride varnish, you may have grown accustomed to some patient grumbling. From the uncomfortable, gritty feeling that their last fluoride varnish treatment left behind to adult patients claiming that it’s for "kids only"—there’s certainly some skepticism in the air. But the truth, as touted by the American Dental Association, is that in-office fluoride varnish treatment is safe and effective in preventing tooth decay for both children and adults.

Hydrim Instrument Washer

An instrument washer that allows you to avoid the many steps involved in manual washing or ultrasonic cleaners.

Exceeding Expectations: GC America 

Glass ionomers have a 6-decade-long history in dentistry. Their ability to release fluoride and prevent secondary decay is a winning perk among clinicians treating all types of cases—especially those involving pediatric, geriatric, and high-caries-risk patients. More recently, and especially in the case of materials from GC America, glass ionomers have steadily evolved to offer extra strength and increased esthetics.

3M: Restorative Products for Simplicity and Predictability

Dental Product Shopper evaluators give top marks to 3M products from their new and improved adhesive duo to the versatile line of composites and reliable curing lights

Dental 3D Printing: Overcoming 3 Common Fears to Create a Better Patient Experience

As digital dentistry continues to make its way into the general dental practice, doctors now have greater access to new technologies and advanced materials that allow them to become more efficient in treating their patients. 3D printing creates an opportunity for mass customization, same-day designs, and repeatability—saving time and cost for the doctor.