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1 HVE Hose Adapter and 3 HVE Mirror Tips
The Purevac HVE System Kit provides you with the contents necessary for oral high volume evacuation. The HVE Mirror Tip has a dental mirror built into the high volume evacuation tip. HVE Mirror Tips connect to an HVE Hose Adapter made up of a hose and 360° swivel.

• Allows for optimal visualization, illumination and retraction
• Evacuates aerosols, splatter, fluids and debris
• One-handed oral evacuation with continuous suction
• Flexible, lightweight and kink-resistant hose for ease of use
• Reduces procedure times
• Less noise and rounded, smooth edges improve patient comfort

Contains: 1 HVE Hose Adapter and 3 Mirror Tips per Package
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Dentsply Sirona
A resin-free and self-curing bioceramic restorative material. By combining a conventional glass ionomer with the Ceramir technology,  a tissue friendly and bioactive material is achieved. It can be used in the same indications as the conventional glass ionomer restoratives but with the added benefit of  lower acid solubility, better chemical integration with teeth and beneficial mineralization properties. The continuous release of calcium and fluoride ions combined with a unique level of biocompatibility make this product especially well-suited for use in pediatric and geriatric dentistry. The cement is supplied in the QuikCap capsule, for easy mixing and direct application. Each capsule provides a mixed volume of at least 0.13ml material.
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Works both as a standalone, self-adhesive cement and as an adhesive cement when combined with 3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Plus Adhesive. Together they eliminate the hassle and confusion of multiple resin cements, primers and adhesives, simplifying your direct and indirect restorative workflows. With fewer products to stock and replenish, you save space, time and money.
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One cement for all your needs. This cement now features universal flexibility as a self-adhesive cement or as an adhesive-resin cement when paired with OptiBond Universal on a preparation requiring more retention.
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LuxaCore Z Dual, DMGs premium composite for core build-ups and post cementation, provides dentin-like cuttability to ensure a controlled and precise preparation of the margin.
DMG America
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