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4 -1.2ml Syringes, 20 -22ga Tips & 20 Placement Brushes
DHP Brand Pit and Fissure Sealant is used for sealing pits and fissures on posterior teeth to help in the prevention of caries. The light cure sealant is low viscosity, opaque material and easy to apply.

• Contains fluoride
• BPA Free
• Opaque

Contains: 4 -1.2ml syringes, 20 placement brushes and 20 -22ga tips per package
DHP Brand Supplies
This product can only be shipped by ground
transportation, it cannot be shipped by air.
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DHP Exclusive: Buy 4, Get 1 Free. Offer Valid 04/01/21-06/30/21. Free Goods Shipped with DHP Order.
200 Leaves, 2 Long Hoses & 6 Short Hoses
Ivory ReLeaf is a hands-free high volume dental suction device for clinicians and hygienists. It easily connects to existing HVE systems, and allows for a more comfortable, efficient experience for patients and practitioners.

•  Provides effective suction and retraction even while patients are moving or speaking
•  Maintains a dry field during various procedures, yet avoids compromising the clinicians view of the oral cavity

Contains: 2 (48") Long Hoses, 6 (8") Short Hoses, 6 U-Shaped Connectors, 200 Leaves and 1 IFU per package
Manufacturer Item:
Kulzer, LLC
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Buy 1 ReLeaf Pro Kit, Get 1 ReLeaf Mini Leaves (100 ct) Free. Offer Valid 04/01/21-06/30/21. Free Goods Sent By Manufacturer.
Case Kit 4 -64oz Bottles

  • Smart foam technology- continuous cleaning action
  • Microbial formulation optimizes collection container capacity
  • Meets all EPA "Dental Rule" requirements- True pH of 7
  • Cleans vacuum line cleaning on contact
  • Recommended for use with the NXT Hg5 series of Amalgam Separators
  • Compatible with all dental evacuation systems and all amalgam separators
Manufacturer Item:
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Buy 1 Case, Get Sidekick Dispenser Free. Offer Valid 04/01/2 -06/30/21. Free Goods Sent by MFG.
HALYARD* FLUIDSHIELD* N95 Particulate Filter and Surgical Masks
  1. 100% of HALYARD* FLUIDSHIELD* N95 Respirators have been cleared by the FDA as a medical device
  2. All HALYARD* N95s are Made in the Americas, unlike suppliers who rely on supply from Asia.
  3. All HALYARD* FLUIDSHIELD* Level 3 Respirators deliver Level 3 splash and spray protection — the highest-recognized level of protection.
  4. Our duckbill breathing chamber is more than twice as large as the leading competitive surgical N95, and exceeds NIOSH standards for breathability.
  5. A balance of proper fit and comfort is critical for health care workers. Only HALYARD* N95s include all of these features:
    • Malleable, adjustable nose wires
    • Strong elastic straps that are securely bonded—not stapled—to the mask.

Manufacturer Item:
Halyard Health
20 -0.25gm PLT Tips
Offers a single-shade option for restorations.  A blocker or opaquer is not needed.  Light Diffusion Technology (LDT) makes restorations diffuse light in a similar way tooth structure does.  The material integrates easily and smoothly into the surrounding tooth structure and preparation margins become virtually invisible.
Contains: 20 -0.25gm PLT 
Manufacturer Item:
Kuraray America Inc.
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Buy 1, Get 1 Free. Offer Valid 04/01/21-06/30/21. Free Goods Sent By Manufacturer.
Buy 3, Get VistaTab Waterline Cleaner FREE
Reduce your daily dental unit waterline treatment to a simple annual routine. The DentaPure Cartridge provides 365 days of safe, compliant dental unit water. EPA registered ensuring that your practice meets or exceeds microbiological water quality standards. The DentaPure Cartridge contains non-allergenic iodinated resin beads, as water passes through, the resin releases 2-6 ppm of atomic isotopes of elemental iodine during a typical dental treatment. The isotopes control the bacteria, keeping dental unit water safe for 365 days. Installs in minutes, used cartridges are disposed of in your regular trash and Crosstex reminds you when it's time to change cartridges.
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