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Dental practice building solutions

Growing and protecting your business is also our business. Before you begin a long, tedious search for options, please consider contacting our team first to discuss our immediate resources for building your practice.

With an ever-growing team of highly responsive, reliable & resourceful sales professionals DHP gives the needed support for you to Control Your Dentistry.
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Sleeves 500/box
Snuggies protects your equipment and your patients with a snug, custom-fit sensor sleeve regardless of sensor size. Simply peel, stick, and go. Snuggie works with sensors of any size, shape, and thickness. Patients will love it because theres less loose plastic to gag on. One-size-fits-all, eliminating the need to buy and stock sleeves of many sizes. You dont have to twist the sleeve around delicate sensor cords to keep the sensor from sliding around in the sleeve. To custom-fit your Snuggies, just peel off the clear tab, then pull the white tab snug against the sensor.

Contains: 500 per Box
Manufacturer Item:
Flow Dental
shieldVAC™ by TBS Dental is the first line of defense in reducing bacteria, viruses, and debris by capturing up to 95% of expelled dental aerosols in advance of personal protective equipment (PPE). In three simple steps, shieldVAC’s sleek, patent-pending design quickly and easily retrofits any operatory chair and utilizes the existing HVE. Anti-glare and will not inhibit vision, even when wearing loupes. Utilizes adjustable arm attached to a shield that stays steady where positioned, making two-handed hygiene possible without an additional assistant to hold HVE. Captures up to 95% of expelled dental aerosols in advance of personal protective equipment (PPE).
Complete Kit Contains:  1 
Proprietary nano-steel flexible arm with chair clamp, 4 -12" shieldVAC barrier shields, 4 -10" shieldVAC barrier shields, 2 -8"  shieldVAC barrier shields, 50 single-use HVE insert adapters and 3 Arm-to-HVE tubing clips.
Manufacturer Item:
TBS Dental
Harmony™ Ergonomic Scalers are your truly ergonomic hand scaling solution, scientifically proven to reduce pinch force up to 65% and the amount of pressure applied to the tooth up to 37%. The handle is designed with TrueFit™ Technology, an advanced sensor-based technology system capable of measuring touch sensitivity and pressure at 40 readings per second, more than 2.8 million data points were collected to develop this truly ergonomic hand scaling solution.
Promotion Item
Venus Diamond / Venus Pearl ONE Shade offers an extraordinary color adaptation in one single shade. The restoration becomes invisible by blending into any surrounding dentition, independent of the tooth shade, enabling restorations to simply disappear. 

Choose your preferred consistency: T
he firm, low-stick consistency of Venus Diamond  OR the creamy, low-stick consistency of Venus Pearl. 
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Ordering dental supplies online is easy with DHP. We identify the best dental supply deals, dental product promotions and dental supply discounts from key industry manufacturers such as 3M Oral Care, Dentsply Sirona, KaVo KerrHu-Friedy Group, Ivoclar Vivadent, GC America, Medit, PreXion, Vatech, Belmont, Septodont, Coltene, Premier Dental, Kulzer and more. We offer the brands you trust like CaviWipes, Aquasil, Crest Oral-B, Filtek, Relyx, Luxatemp, Optibond, Septocaine, Hygenic, and more. DHP also offers an extensive catalog of our own private label, DHP Brand Supplies. This catalog contains great value with low prices on dental gloves, dental exam masks, saliva ejectors, sterilization pouches, impression materials, burs, dental cotton products, disposable prophy angles, prophy paste, fluoride varnish, and more.

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