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Green CT 2

The Green CT 2 is an advanced 4-in-1 digital x-ray imaging system that incorporates PANO, CEPH (Optional), CBCT, and MODEL Scan. It provides high quality images with lower radiation by combining image processing and accumulated experience in dental imaging from Vatech. This will improve your diagnostic accuracy with increased treatment planning and patient satisfaction. The Green CT 2 utilizes a proprietary 49.5 μm high resolution x-ray sensor, which makes it the finest pixel and highest resolution CBCT available on the market today.

The Green CT 2 offers a range of selectable fields of view. The Multi FOV enables the user to select the optimal FOV mode and minimizes exposure to areas not in the region of interest. Select the proper FOV size among 18x10, 16x9, 13x10, 12x9, 8x9, and 5x5 based on a particular diagnostic need. It covers the full arch region, sinus, and left/right TMJ and it suits most oral surgery cases as well as multiple implant surgeries.

i3D Smart

One scan with a i3D Smart gives you not just a CT image but also an Auto Pano image. This means that patients who require both images do not need to undergo two X-ray scans. Also, CT and Auto Pano images are displayed within the One Viewer feature. Viewing 2D and 3D images together provides many benefits. There is no need to utilize two different software programs and the One Viewer feature presents a professional look for your patients. This layout helps patients better understand the images, which will eventually result in increasing acceptance rates.

Green CT

Innovative technology for an ultra low X-ray dose. Green CBCT protects both patient and user. The Green CT produces superb diagnostic images, which will be a source of pride for any dental practice, and improves treatment planning and safety for your patients. Experience excellent image quality with Vatech’s advanced technology.


VATECH’s innovative technology for an ultra low x-ray dose –Green CBCT protects both patient and user


Minimized motion artifact and faster workflow - Superb image quality from a rapid 9 sec scan


Wide range of FOV sizes from 5x5 to 17x15 - Optimal size for specific diagnosis, reducing x-ray exposure to patients


Easy to learn, easy to use - Intuitive user interface and powerful consulting tools

vatech dental equipment wave sensor

Wave Sensor

Taking an Intraoral Image can be a painful experience for patients when taken with a rigid edged sensor. Our Wave Sensor however is different! The Wave Sensor reduces patient discomfort thanks to its patient-orientated design. The Wave Sensor’s elastic edge allows your staff to position the sensor much easier than before. The Wave Sensor conforms to the shape of the lingual surface of the teeth and allows for better adjustment to the X-ray source for a perfect alignment. It also reduces an overlap of image between the teeth, ensuring a clearer image; revealing hidden areas that is not normally found. The Wave Sensor assists you and your team to make precise diagnosis.

EzRay Air Wall

Wall mounted EzRay Air is a lightweight X-ray device designed for easy handling and stable positioning for optimal image quality on your intra-oral X-rays. The EzRay Air's lightweight tube head provides users with a stable and easy to use X-ray source which maximizes image clarity and optimizes work-flow. The operating panel located on the tube head creates a much simpler and much faster work-flow. Using the Smart dial, practitioners will notice a decrease in preparation time and there would be no need to remember complicated control buttons and configurations.

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