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Hybenx Advanced Debridement Gel 1ml Syringe 2/pack

Item #:730-1090004 
Manufacturer Item: 109-0004
Manufacturer: EPIEN Medical
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HYBENX Advanced Dental Debridement is a non-antibiotic cleanser and chemical desiccant that quickly eradicates biofilm from infected tissue surfaces without impacting healthy tissues. HYBENX safely debrides, coagulates, seals, and reduces bleeding and pain, allowing the body to use its own defenses to promote natural healing.

Product Application, Usage, and Indications: HYBENX is a topical gel/liquid that is applied to the sulcus during Periodontal Debridement, to exposed dentin during caries/crown preparations, and into the pulpal canals during root canal procedures.

Features: Application takes seconds, cleared by the FDA, safe on dentin, enamel, porcelain, titanium, two viscosity choices, low-cost.

Benefits: Eradicates biofilm and smear layer, inhibits infectious and inflammatory disease processes, hemostatic properties, immediate transition from infected to healing state and no bacterial resistance.



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