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Biodentine XP Dentin Restoration Starter Pack

Item #:210-01C0700 
Manufacturer Item: 01C0700
Manufacturer: Septodont
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Based on 10 years of research, 1000 publications, and over 5 million teeth saved, Biodentine XP is a highly-pure bioactive crown-to-root restoration system indicated for dentin replacement treatments like deep caries, pulp exposure, pulpotomies, and root repair. The new system includes Biodentine material in a new all-in-one cartridge of powder and liquid, a proprietary mixer to ensure perfect consistency every time, and an applicator gun for direct placement into the tooth.

ABS Technology™ creating the most highly-pure tri-calcium silicate with unique bioactive properties. All-in-one powder and liquid cartridge in two volumes XP200 and XP. A compact mixer designed for perfect mixing. Applicator gun for easy dispensing. 
Nine indications: temporary enamel restoration, pulpotomy, pulpitis (reversible and irreversible), internal and external resorptions, apexifications, pulp capping (direct and indirect), repair of furcation and root perforations, and root-end filling. 

Kit Contains:  1x Biodentine XP 200 Cartridges, 1x Biodentine XP 500 Cartridges, 1x Biodentine XP Applicator Gun, 1x Biodentine XP Mixer. 
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