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Coltolux LED Curing Light

Item #:770-C7970 
Manufacturer Item: C7970100115
Manufacturer: Coltene
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The Coltolux® LED combines a slim curing probe with high output in a cordless lightweight pen-style design. The Coltolux LED's heat sink technology reduces the amount of heat emission and eliminates the need for a fan.

•The slim curing probe is ideal for hard-to-reach posterior areas. Its slim shape enhances visibility of the restorative material during the light curing process
•Dome shaped lens concentrates light output on the restoration
•High output LED for fast cures
•LED light output matches the absorption spectrum of camphorquinone (CQ) photoinitiators
•Audible signal every 10 seconds and automatic power-saving sleep mode after 20 seconds of operation
•Hundreds of cures with a fully charged battery

Contains: 1 Handpiece, 1 Charger Base, 1 Power Supply, 3 Light Shields, 5 Light Lenses and 100 Barrier Sleeves
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